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Social, Science, and Language Arts are memory subjects. There are no short cuts to memorizing. Studying must begin long before the test.


1. 3R's - read, recite, review
2. Page fold

- definitions on one side
- terms on the other

3. Rhythm - a rhythm often works to jog memory or a song


1. Trace diagrams with your finger (the kinesthetic approach)
2. Trace diagrams and use numbers to indicate terms needed
3. Use the picture itself to help you remember the word.


1. Re-read and repeat out loud.
2. Re-write - in your own words.
3. Reinforce - add examples or more information.
4. Remember - use 3 memory triggers, techniques. Mnemonic devices.


1. Scan the chapter - Introduction, headings, sub-headings, summary
2. Chunk and read
- Separate into small chunks
3. Re-call and record
- Recall from each chunk and write a question and answer that represents the main idea of the passage.
4. Recite aloud - recite answers to questions.

If you cannot answer the question, rather than simply checking the correct answer return to the textbook and reread the information, then try to answer the question.

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