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Tak Wah Mak - Department of Medical Biophysics - Univ. of Toronto

Born: October 4, 1946 in China, Now resides in Toronto

A creative tale about the life of an imaginary
T-Cell.by Tak Wah Mak
Tommy T-Cell is a biodetective. His job is to patrol the human body investigating suspicious characters. Billions and trillions of police detectives like Tommy T-Cell are driving by all the time looking in all the shop windows for something unusual going on. Each T-Cell is trained to find one and only one type of criminal. Tommy is also known as a Helper T-Cell, part of the body?s immune system, but you can think of him as a cop.

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Tak Wah Mak is an immunologist and a molecular biologist. He examines the structure and function of molecules and cells in the human immune system, which protects the body from dirt and disease. His research may lead to cures for many auto-immune diseases where the body?s immune system malfunctions, diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, myasthenia gravis, and others.

Animated T-Cell
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Famous Quotes:
"Don?t be afraid to tackle science if you enjoy it."