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Louis Agassiz -

on May 28, 1807 Montier, Switzerland
December 14, 1873

Agassiz became known as the "Father of Glaciology" because of his theory that a great Ice Age had once gripped the Earth. Agassiz was one of the first to suggest that there had been an ice age on Earth, and that the boulder and rock deposits had not been made by the great flood of the Bible.
His work on glaciers revolutionized geology.

- made contributions to evolutionary biology and systematics
- greatest insight was that paleontology, embryology, ecology, and biogeography had to contribute to any classification system which showed the true relationships of organisms.

MUSEUM of Nat.History
Distrib. of Animals
Glacial Theory
Earth's Crust

Famous Quotes:
" ...all these facts in their natural connection proclaim aloud the One God, whom man may know, adore, and love .."

"I have devoted my whole life to the study of Nature and yet a single sentence may express all that I have done."