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born at Ovan?ker, Hälsingland, Sweden, on Nov. 27, 1701
Died: Apr. 25, 1744 at Uppsala, Sweden.

Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer and physicist, known for the invention of the Celsius scale for thermometers.

He was actively involved in a great deal of practical astronomical research:

Taking part in an expedition to Lapland in 1736 to verify Isaac Newton's theory that the world was not actually a perfect sphere.
He and his assistant Olof Hiortner discovered that the aurora borealis influenced compass needles.
He was also one of the first measuring the brightness of stars with measurement tools.

Celsius was not only an astronomer, but also a physicist. He constructed his world famous Celsius thermometer, with 0 for the boiling point of water and 100 for the freezing point. After his death, the scale was reversed to its present form.

Celcius Scale
Uppsala Observatory
Measuring History

Famous Quote:
"A thermometer is somewhat more sensitive ... when put into boiling water, and would be easier to bring along when travelling at sea or land, especially on high mountains. ?