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Being a student can be tough, especially with so much going on in your lives. That's part of the reason why these Student Resources were developed. Many students need support to be successful in Science. It's difficult to absorb all the concepts, principles, laws and theories that make up the world of Science. Each of the grade level Student Resource areas has been developed and designed to provide the support, to help you be successful. How you use these resources will determine the level of success you are able to achieve.

Notetaking is a skill that comes natural to some students and to others is just a chore. Knowing what is important is the key to good notes. The notes provided here, as resources for you to use, can show you what is important as a brief summary of the textual material contained in your Science Book. How do you use these notes to gain the full benefit? If all you do is print them off and do nothing else, you will likely have little benefit from what has been done for you. If you follow this simple plan, you will get more out of the notes than you would if you did nothing, but print them off.


Read the entire selection that needs notes. Select the most important sentence/s from what you have read. Write down the most important sentence/s from the selection you read. Highlight the key term or phrase in each sentence. Review the sentence/s you have written down, by rereading it. Use the sentence/s as a brief overview when you are studying.

These tests are designed to help you study. They should provide practice with multiple choice items, so you can review concepts and be successful when you are being evaluated in class. Memorizing the answers on these tests will provide minimal value. Knowing what is being asked and having a good idea of what the correct answer is because you verified it using your textbook and notes will provide maximum value.