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Mnemonic strategies are memory aids that provide a systematic approach for organizing and remembering facts that have no apparent link or connection of their own. Mnemonics provide the tools necessary to memorize and recall almost any information.

1. Acronyms -

use the first letter of each word in a sentence to represent the first letter of the word/list you wish to memorize.

(To learn the names of the Great Lakes)
(To remember the colors of the rainbow)

2. Poems, Rhymes, Rhythms -

use a familiar tune, substitute information to be learned: details, sequencing.

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

3. Chunking group bits of information together -

phone numbers

4. Picture -

use a picture to help you recall information

5. Name -

associate the name of someone to a particular concept / phrase / idea you want to remember

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