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Grade 7 Science Unit Plan
Unit B - Plants for Food & Fibre
(emphasis on Social and Environmental context)

Grade 7 Unit Overview (Alberta)
Humans have always depended on plants as a source of food and fibre, and to meet a variety of other needs. To better meet these needs, technologies have been developed for selecting and breeding productive varieties, and to maximize their growth by modifying growing environments. (Plant Biotechnology Resource) Long-term sustainability requires that we become aware of the practices we use, and examine impacts of these practices on the larger environment. Alberta Environment (Website)

Concepts Covered and Developed through Instruction

What do the students already know?

What are plants used for?
How does technology help us use plants for many purposes?

What must they Learn?

Processes which transform plants into food and fibre products in a sustainable way.


Specific Learner Outcomes

Instructional Focus

Focus 1

Uses of Plants

Investigate plant uses, and identify links between needs, technologies, products and impacts


- role of plants
- uses as food
- other uses
medicine, herbs )
- natural / managed resources
agricultural, horticultural, forest and grassland environments )
- productivity
- sustainability practices

Graphic Organizers w/ Inspiration
Research and AV Resources
Research and AV Resources

Research / Scientific Reports

Lab Activities
Research / Scientific Reports / Internet

Focus 2

Plant structure / processes

Investigate life processes and structures of plants, and interpret related characteristics and needs of plants in a local environment


- structure of seed plants
root, stem, leaf and flower )
- structural variations
- tolerance level
- plant processes
diffusion, osmosis, conduction of fluids, transpiration, photosynthesis and gas exchange in plants )
- life cycles of seed plants

Scientific Illustrations

Research / Scientific Reports
Lab Activities
Lab Activities / Demonstrations / Illustrations 

Scientific Illustrations

Focus 3

Controlling Factors

Analyze plant environments and identify impacts of specific factors and controls


- productivity (yields)
- soil profile
- soil quality
- pest control
- consequences

Lab Activities
Challenge Project
Lab Activities
Research / Scientific Reports
Investigating an Issue

Focus 4

Human needs

Identify and interpret relationships between human needs, technologies, environments, and the culture and use of living things as sources of food and fibre


- selective breeding
- land management
- sustainability

Research / Scientific Reports
Research / Scientific Reports
Research / Scientific Reports