Global Human Traits Survey Phase 2 | Print |
Current Data Available:

- North America (2002)

Follow the Scientific Method to complete this Survey

Data Analysis: Data received will be added to a data base that will be accessible and will provide students with the necessary information to answer specific questions posed for their particular area in the second phase of this project. Participations will then use teacher monitored email and a forum to communicate with each other as interpretations are published. They will be given an opportunity to challenge findings published by other participants and will be asked to defend their own findings.

Conclusion: What can you conclude, based on your findings? Go back to the Problem (and your Hypothesis) to see what you have been able to prove, disprove or Learn from the Experiment you carried out.

Extend the Findings: What other Problems could be drawn by the Data you Collected and Analyzed? What about the findings of other students? Can you restate the Problem to investigate some other aspect of your findings - or, the findings of other students?