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1. Vocabulary - same methods as above

2. Studying stories.

1. Background of the story - is it important to the story?
- does it set the mood?

2. Main characters - who are they?
- what are their characteristics; strengths, weaknesees, etc.
- do they change because of the plot of the story?
- how do they resolve their conflicts?

3. Plot - how is it developed
- is suspense maintained? how?
- is there a logical conclusion?

4. Theme - is the theme realistic?
- is it serious?
- easy to relate to?

5. Style - is the style clear?
- is the style smooth? not jumping from one idea to another?
- does the author use any literary techniques?


1 What do I know?
2 What do I want to know?
3 What have I learned?

This should be done while reading - stopping every once and a while to add new information.
Notes must be reviewed many times - recite, re-write, reinforce

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