A Dichotomous Key

You are required to create an innovative representation
of a Dichotomous Key that shows your mastery of this Classification System.

You will be given a lot of latitude in your final product.

Creativity: 30%
Does your Dichotomous Key stimulate interest in and develops mastery of the concepts covered using the Dichotomous Key?

Some Ideas that were used by students in the past:

  • A Scientific Journal
  • A Matching Game
  • A Jigsaw Puzzle
  • A Board Game
  • An Online Activity (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Dichotomous Key Format: 40%

You must have the two component parts that make up the key:

  • Dichotomous Key Diagram (20%)
  • Dichotomous Key Descriptions & Identification (20%).

Presentation to Peers: 30%

  • Peer Evaluation 10%
  • Self Evaluation 10%
  • Teacher Evaluation 10%



Links that may help you with this project :

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There are many more ideas out there - maybe you'll even come up with an original one!