The Ice Cube Challenge

You are required to design and construct a device that will most efficiently prevent an ice cube from melting.

Now, there is a strong likelihood that your invention will not totally prevent the ice cube from melting, so points will be awarded based on the following criteria.

Design: 30%
(What does your design consider based on the principles you have learned in the section about Controlling Heat Transfer - Topic 4)

Device Construction: 30%
What materials have you used and how have they been put together to create the device you originally designed - Your device must not exceed 30 cubic cm.)

Effectiveness: 40%
(How long can you maintain the same mass of ice that you started with?)
(Time and Mass will be calculated to determine the effectiveness of your design)

We will be using real ice, not the new ice of Sweden

Whoever is able to maintain the largest ice cube for the longest period of time will win the Ice Cube Challenge 2000