Science Focus 7

Index of Investigations

Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 1 - Interactions & Ecosystems

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Find Out Activities Investigations
1 - Interactions Within Ecosystems Just the Basics
Chain of Events
(1-A) Tools for the Task
2 - Human Impacts on Ecosystems Alberta Grown (1-B) Wetland Wonders
3 - Environmental Choices Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth
Mapping Home
(1-C) Waste-Reduction Diary
4 - How Organisms Interact What Was for Dinner?
No Fishing Allowed
(1-D) A Mealworm's Ecosystem
(1-E) What Goes Up Must Come Down
(1-F) Don't Waste It
5 - Cycles in the Environment Checking the pH (1-G) Telltale Snails
6 - Succession and Change in Ecosystems The Good, The Bad, and the Buggy
Endangered Animal for a Day
(1-H) Nothing Succeeds Like Succession
(PS/1-1) Keep Them Safe
7 - Environmental Monitoring   (1-J) What's the Change?
(1-K) Monitor Your local Amphibians
(1-L) Comparing Ecosystems

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