Science Focus 7

Index of Investigations

Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 2 - Plants for Food and Fibre

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Find Out Activities Investigations
1 - People and Plants Herbal Remedies (2-A) Fibre Face-off
(2-B) Growing Conditions for Healthy Plants
2 - Structure and Adaptations Digging into Dandelions
Getting to the Root of Roots
Celery Superhighway
(2-C) Designing a Plant for It's Habitat
(2-D) Food and Fibre Plants in Alberta
3 - Plant Reproduction and Breeding Apple Varieties
The Role of the Flower
Inside Seeds
Classifying Fruits
Helping Plants Grow
(2-E) Growing a Plant from a Cutting
(2-F) Speeding Up Germination
4 - Meeting the Need for Food and Fibre Fruit and Vegetable Crops
Maintaining Moisture
Key it Out
Forest Products in Canada
Media Monitor
(2-G) Greenhouse Growing Conditions
5 - Sustaining the Soil What's In the Bag (2-H) Soil Sleuth
(2-I) Constructing a Hydroponic Garden
6 - Pests and Pest Control Friend or Foe?
Passing on the Poison
Pesticide Safety Labels
Controlling Slugs the Organic Way

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