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Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 3 - Heat and Temperature

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Activities Investigations
1 - Using Energy from Heat How Was It Made? (3-A) Using Energy
2 - Measuring Temperature
Baffle Your Skin (3-B) Make Your own Thermometer
Boiling Hot, Freezing Cold
3 - The Particle Model, Temperature and Thermal Energy Pouring? Shaping? Filling?
Detect a Connection
(Heat and the Particles of Motion)
4 - Expansion and Contraction Stretch and Shrink
Bulging Balloons
Race for the Top
(3-D) Expanding Solids
5 - The Particle Model and Changes of State
Temp Change during a Phase Change)
How Low Can It Go? (3-E) Hot Stuff!
The Plateau Problem
6 - Transferring Energy Absorb That Energy
Super Stirrer
Displaced Drops

Keeping In the Warmth
(3-G) Comparing Surfaces
Making A Transfer
7 - Sources of Thermal Energy
Solar Energy Terminology)
Energy Inputs for Energy Outputs (3-I) Passive Paint
Simulating the Greenhouse Effect
8 - Conserving Our Fossil Fuels Timing Is Everything
Turn It Down
Store It Safely
(3-K) You Choose!
Keep It Warm
How Much Energy?

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