Science Focus 7

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Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 4 - Structures & Forces

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Find Out Activities Investigations
1 - Types of Structures Picture a Frame (4-A) Golf Ball Bridge
2 - Describing Forces Sneezeproof Strength
Tough Tissue Test
Design Detective
(4-B) Traditional Structues
3 - Mass and Forces How Forceful (4-C) Crush It
4 - Forces, Loads and Stresses Bend That Bike (4-D) Examining Forces
5 - How Structures Fail Bend and Break  
6 - Designing With Forces   (4-E) The Paper Olympics
(4-F) The Windproof Wonder
7 - Stable Structures The Center of Gravity
Looking Below
(4-G) Tip It!
(4-H) Building A Balanced Balcony
(4-I) Sink the Stick

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