Science Focus 7

Index of Investigations

Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 5 - Planet Earth

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Activities Investigations
1 - Minerals Dig for Treasure (5-A) A Geologist's Mystery
2 - Rocks and The Rock Cycle Build Your Own System (5-B) Cool Crystals, Hot Gems
(5-C) Hot Rocks
3 - Erosion   (5-D) Rocks That Fizz
(5-E) Nature's Design
4 - The Moving Crust What Do Rocks Tell Us?
The Spreading Ocean Floor
(5-F) Give Me A Clue
(5-G) Building A Tectonic Plate Model
5 - Earthquakes Shake It
Share Your Faults
Be Prepared
(5-H) Locating The Epicentres
Virtual Geology Labs
(5-I) Plotting Earth's Movement
6 - Volcanoes Myths Retold (5-J) Pattern in Earthquake & Volcano Locations
7 - Mountains Make A Mountain (5-K) Building A Mountain - Theory
8 - Fossils Mystery Fossils (5-L) Make A Lasting Impression
9 - Geologic Time Which Rock is the Oldest?
Tell-Tale Layers
Call That Old?
Virtual Geology Labs (Dating)
10 - Fossil Fuels   (5-M) Where Shall We Drill?

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