Science Focus 8
Index of Investigations

Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 1 - Mix and Flow of Matter

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Find Out Activities Investigations
1 - Matter on the Move Can Solids Flow?
Fluid Circus
2 - Mixing and Dissolving Safety First (1-A) Inspector's Corner
(1-B) Solubility Solutions
3 - Separating Earth's Mixtures Separating Strategies
Solute Recovery
(1-C) Using Filtration to Separate Mixtures
(1-D) Hidden Colours
(1-E) A Sweet Process
4 - Flow Rate and Viscosity Cool It (1-F) Determining Flow Rate
(1-G) Flowing Fluid Floods City
5 - Density What is the Density of a Pencil? (1-H) Determining Density
6 - Buoyancy Cartesian Diver
The Amazing Egg Hydrometer
(1-I) Build a Density Tower
(1-J) Measuring Buoyancy
7 - Fluid Pressure Balloon Balance (1-K) Proving the Pressure Equation
8 - Fluid Systems Balloon Arm
Simple Hydraulics
(1-L) Compression of Liquids and Gases
(1-M) Make a Model of a Dentist's Chair

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