Science Focus 8
Index of Investigations

Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 3 - Light and Optical Systems

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Find Out Activities Investigations
1 - What is Light? Is Light Energetic?
Reading with Intensity
Recycling Florescent Tubes
Make a Large Pinhole Camera
2 - Reflection Out of the Looking Glass (3-A) Inferring the Law of Reflection
(3-B) When Light Reflects
3 - Refraction The Re-appearing Coin (3-C) When Light Refracts
(3-D) Follow that Refracted Ray
4 - Lenses and Vision See for Yourself (3-E) The Camera
(3-F) What an Eyeful!
5 - Extending Human Vision Make Your Own Refracting Telescope
Making a Microscope
(3-G) Microscopes on the Job
6 - The Source of Colours A Shower of Colour
Making a Colour Wheel
(3-H) Spotlight on Colour
7 - The Wave Model of Light An Unexpected Behaviour of Light
Making Sunsets in the Classroom
(3-I) Exploring Frequency and Wavelength
(3-J) Why are Colours Different
8 - Beyond Light Infrared Reflections (3-K) Extending night Vision

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