Science Focus 8
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Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 4 - Mechanical Systems

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Find Out Activities Investigations
1 - Levers and Inclined Planes Easy Does It
Sharpen Up With Scissors
(4-A) Levers in Action
2 - The Wheel and Axle, Gears and Pulleys Turnaround Time
Tug of War
(4-B) Gear Up For Speed
(4-C) Pick It Up
3 - Energy, Friction and Efficiency A Rubber Roller Coaster (4-D) Easy Lifting
4 - Force, Pressure and Area Pop 'em Quick (4-E) Egg Drop
(4-F) What a Lift!
(4-G) Build Your own Hydraulic Lift
5 - Hydraulics and Pneumatics Build a Model Hovercraft (4-H) Comparing Pressure Exerted on a Gas and on a Liquid
6 - Combining Systems   (4-I) How Silly Can It Be?
(4-J) New, Improved Robots Required!
7 - Machines Throughout History Travelling Time
Build a Model Steam Turbine
Against The Wind
Time for a Change?
8 - People and Machines Flat Out (4-K) The Real Costs

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