Science Focus 8
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Notes, Labs & Activities - Unit 5 - Fresh and Saltwater Systems

Topic Notes & Concept Maps Find Out Activities Investigations
1 - A World of Water How Do We Use Water? (5-A) Water At Home
(5-B) A Water Cycle Model
2 - Earth's Frozen Water How Does a Glacier Move?
How Can Global Warming Be Slowed?
(5-C) Glacial Grooving
3 - Fresh Water Systems Where's Your Watershed?
Observing Stream Erosion
How Much Pore Space?
Make a Model Aquifer
Predicting Floods
(5-D) What Happens to Run-off?
(5-E) Stream Speed
4 - The Oceans How the Ocean Gets Its Salt
Tidal Tales
Winds and Currents
(5-F) Mapping the Ocean Floor
(5-G) Waves and Beaches
5 - Living in Water A Wise Move?
Plant Adaptations
Dissolved Gases
Design a Drifter
(5-H) Too Much of a Good Thing
6 - Water Quality and Water Management Making Hard Water Is Easy
Water Across The Nation
Changes in Water Quality
(5-I) Bio-indicator: Species in the Water
(5-J) How To Clean Water
(5-K) Water Awareness

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