Study Skills Guide: Completing a Concept Map | Print |


1. Choose the Concept to be Mapped

2. Identify the objectives that need to be met

3. Collect materials that can be used to supply information Including:
- Textbook, Notebook, Lab Manual
- Other Textbooks (Grade 8 or Grade 7)
- Projects and Tests

4. Review the material that is related to the concept you are mapping

5. Summarize the general areas that need to be covered

6. Write these general points as headings

7. Identify the key points under each heading

8. Record the page or reference where this can be found Transfer this chart onto the Concept Map Handout (revise format if necessary)

9. Present your Concept Map to others in your study group

10. Revise your Concept Map based on your study group's feedback

11. Provide members of your group with a copy of your revised Concept Map

12. Go through your tests to find questions related to your concept

13. Cut and paste these on the back of your Concept Map

14. As you read over each concept, refer to the questions to see if you can answer them (without the answer), then check to see if you are right.

15. Try to create another question different from the ones you1ve worked on Test your group, using a combination of your question and past test questions when you are finished a particular unit.

16. Put all of your concept Maps, relating to the same Unit, together for future reference.

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