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These Memory Boosters are powerful tools - pick one to practice each week to remember important content. -

1. Connect what you want to remember to a strong emotion through a moving story, song, or activity.

2. Personalize it by using your friends names and things you can relate to from your home and neighborhood.

3. Act it out as a skit or role play in a way to make it fun.

4. Present and review it in all of your senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

5. Embed it in a real-life application that you can relate to and value.

6. Make it important to know.

7. Use distributed exposure - repeat it within 10 minutes, then again in 30 minutes, repeat it the next day, then in two days, then five, and so on.

8. Develop concrete connections and reminders.

9. Summarize it in words or mind maps.

10. Draw a picture that represents it.

11. Use acronyms.

12. Use Memory Chunking- no more than seven things to remember in any category.

13. Put it on a colorful, easily-seen poster and display it above eye height on the left side of your bed.

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